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  • Lisa Semmler LMFT, Ct-Hyp

    Lisa Semmler LMFT, Ct-Hyp

    PhD candidate in Integral & Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Trained in hypnotherapy, past life and current life regression therapy, spiritual emergency therapy, and EMDR. Currently conducting a qualitative research of people who have had experiences with extraterrestrials who developed psychic abilities as a result. Primary specialty in practice is transpersonal…

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  • Alexandra Anne Tyler M.S., LMFT

    Alexandra Anne Tyler M.S., LMFT

    Alex Tyler, M.S., LMFT, is the founder of the E3-Intiative. She has over 20 years of experience supporting highly diverse children, adolescents, adults and families. She is in private practice at Tyler Institute in Minnesota. In our rapidly evolving world, the demands for change intensify, amplifying stress and challenges. Alex blends cutting-edge neuroscience insights with…

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  • Kim Burkland-Ward, LICSW

    Kim Burkland-Ward, LICSW

    Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapy is a transformative approach that can be especially effective for individuals experiencing trauma related to anomalous phenomena. This modality respects the complexity of your experiences, providing a safe space to explore and integrate these parts of your psyche. As a compassionate and skilled psychotherapist with certifications in IFS, Gentle Reprocessing,…

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  • Kolya Schweppe HPP

    Kolya Schweppe HPP

    I live and work in Germany since 2014 and have three children with my wife, who is from China. In 2023, I founded the “Balance” practice for naturopathic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, in Osnabrück, Germany. After working some years as an EFL English Teacher I was inspired to take the Masters level course “Adult Learning and…

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