Our Values

Honoring Wholeness in Humanity
At the heart of our initiative is a recognition of the myriad dimensions of human existence. Each exceptional experience, emotional journey, and nuance of personal narrative can offer profound insights that shape our collective human story. By embracing and understanding these distinctive moments, we enrich the vast spectrum of human understanding, fostering a compassionate and enlightened perspective for all.

By delving into the realm of exceptional experiences, we not only tap into the mysteries of existence but also reveal potentials and capacities within ourselves. These experiences, profound and transformative, serve as gateways to a richer, fuller understanding of our very essence. They enable us to explore the vast expanse of what it means to be truly human, pushing boundaries, expanding horizons, and leading us to a state of enhanced happiness, fulfillment, and holistic well-being.

Our utmost commitment is to serve humanity, fostering an expanded worldview that celebrates every facet of the human experience.

Embracing Diversity: We promote a profound respect for the myriad shades of individual identities, cultures, and experiences. Recognizing the boundless strength and wisdom that diversity brings, we actively seek to cultivate an inclusive environment where every voice is heard, every story valued.

Cultivating Enlightened Communities: We recognize the therapeutic potency of collective understanding. Beyond creating spaces to support experiencers, we curate resources from multidisciplinary experts, educate dedicated professionals, and advocate in the broader society.

Our objective is to encourage an environment imbued with positivity, understanding, and clarity about exceptional experiencers that embraces acceptance for everyone. Through these multifaceted efforts, we endeavor to foster communities that resonate with compassion, knowledge, and a shared sense of purpose.

Encouraging Global Collaboration:  In a world teeming with unique experiences and cultural diversity, we strive to build bridges across continents and worldviews. Our vision extends to fostering a global community joining together with the mission to understand and support every experiencer that transcends boundaries and barriers.

Commitment to Psychological Excellence
Rooted in our passion for understanding the human mind and human complexities, we pursue advancements in psychological and counseling methodologies. We acknowledge the profound impact of anomalous experiences on individuals, families and communities and recognize the urgent need for specialized mental health care and robust well-being initiatives.

Through efforts in professional education, research, and advocacy grounded in research and best practices, we seek to ensure that experiencers are provided with the highest quality of support. 

As innovators in this domain, we aim to shape the future of mental health care for experiencers, advocating for its recognition and importance within the broader health care community. 

Exploring Evolution of Consciousness
We recognize that evolution of consciousness is paramount to understanding the enigma of exceptional  experiences in exploration of theory, philosophy, application, and practices. Our endeavors include inquiries into the transformative nature of exceptional experiences that hold keys to developing purpose, agency, and service for individuals and for society.

Interweaving concepts and practices in the development of human consciousness concepts, among other innovative paradigms, into our broader approach strengthens our mission. By perceiving anomalous experiences not as isolated events but as integral elements within a vast, interconnected cosmos, we uncover their inherent transformative essence. This perspective further intensifies our commitment to provide experiencers with resources customized for empowerment and resilience when encountering anomalous experiences.

Empowered Creativity
Creativity is more than an action—it’s an intrinsic ability for healing and transformation and fundamental to reality. It bridges the realms of imagination, psychology, and consciousness, and can reveal aspects of the mysteries of human experience and stimulate well-being. Creativity is a powerful catalyst for empowering individuals to weave their unique experiences into the fabric of their personal narratives, fostering resilience, growth, and contributing to a richer understanding of the power inherent in humanity.

Every anomalous experience holds an important story waiting to be voiced and understood. Through the art of storytelling, experiencers can harness their creative energies to find meaning and connection. From the abstract artistry of personal encounters to the alchemical process of turning perplexity into empowerment, we view storytelling as both a compass and catalyst. Creativity not only allows individuals to integrate their experiences into their life’s journey, but also paves the way for a more inclusive and empathetic societal understanding.