Our vision is to promote a positive narrative of exceptional experiences to foster transformative change, resilience, and holistic empowerment to ensure that every individual seeking resources and support is met with compassionate, knowledgeable allies on their journey.


Our mission is to contribute to the revolutionary change taking place in mental health care paradigms to deepen and embrace understanding of extraordinary experiences. We strive to support research and provide educational opportunities that cultivate a global network of professionals who deliver innovative services to experiencers. Our dedication extends to promoting an enlightened and affirmative discourse on the transformative power of exceptional experiences as a catalyst for a more empathetic world.

We create customized educational opportunities and curate resources for experiencers of anomalous phenomena that highlight the contributions of scholars and psychological experts within both cutting-edge and mainstream disciplines. We promote worldwide accessibility and visibility of quality resources so that individuals seeking information and support are assured of expertise, compassion, and a pathway to resilience and well-being.

The Exceptional Experiencer Empowerment Initiative (E3) is a Collaborative Collective

Our Service Mission

For Mental Health Professionals

We’re building a global community of psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and scholars. We provide high quality education to professionals, equipping them with the tools, language, and ethical guidelines to compassionately support experiencers of anomalous phenomena.

Current Opportunities

  • A monthly consultation/professional educational group and private online community forum for licensed mental health professionals and clinical scholars committed to advancing the field of supporting experiencers.

Announcement for Pilots

If you are a pilot who has observed UAPs, we would like to hear from you about research we are conducting to support pilots and aviation safety. Research conducted by Iya Whiteley, Ph.D. and Anne Tyler, M.S., LMFT.

We are seeking feedback from pilots about your interest in a variety of resources and collaboration on recommendations for aviation safety for pilots who have experienced UAPs.

For Positive Social Impact

Our goal is to magnify the societal footprint of exceptional experiences. Our dedication lies in fostering a positive and informed public perspective of exceptional experiences. 

We aim to endorse and support seasoned experts and their contributions to understanding anomalous phenomena, emphasizing the role of exceptional experiences in the evolution of consciousness and the betterment of humanity.

We’re committed to voicing our insights in both mainstream professional spaces and those dedicated to anomalous phenomena. Through publishing, speaking at conferences, and contributing to platforms like podcasts, we aim to foster curiosity, highlight the courageous narratives of experiencers, and cultivate a more understanding public discourse. 

Contact us if you would like to feature members of the E³ Initiative on your podcast or speak at conferences.

Leadership Team

Anne M. Tyler, MS, LMFT
David S. B. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Iya Whiteley, Ph.D.
Emily Rademan, Psy.D.

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