Become a Professional Member of the E³ Initiative

Eligibility for Membership

The members of the E³ consultation and professional education group will be limited to those in clinical practice and currently serving experiencers of anomalous phenomena, have an interest in expanding their practice to include this specialty or are clinical scholars involved in work to support exceptional experiencers. The E³ Initiative leadership will screen membership applications to confirm eligibility. Proof of licensure and liability insurance required in the application process, as applicable.

You are invited to apply for membership if you meet at least one of the eligibility categories:

  • Licensed Mental Health Professional (MD, CNP – mental health specialty, licensed psychologist, LMFT, LPC, LCSW or international equivalent)
  • Graduate student and/or Intern preparing for clinical licensure and interested in this specialty
  • Clinical scholar or researcher OR have a graduate degree in a mental health field and your work is focused on advancing care and support for experiencers

Contact Anne Tyler with any questions about eligibility

You can request documentation for the Consultation/Educational Group if you would like to request pre-approval of CEUs from your licensing board. This may provide indications of approval to aid in your decision whether to join at the CEU membership level.

Benefits of Membership

Monthly Consultation/Educational Groups

Join our monthly hybrid professional education and consultation group. Dive into a unique learning model that seamlessly blends rich content, in-depth discussions, clinical applications, and continuous collaboration with dedicated colleagues who are advancing the care and support for experiencers of anomalous phenomena. This is an unmatched opportunity to gain expertise in a niche that is a rare but rapidly growing, high need specialty.

When are the Meetings?

Every 2nd Saturday of the month (Breaks approximately 2 months of the year-TBD)

12:00 – 2:00 Central Time

We began our journey with the inaugural consultation session:

Ethical Guidelines & Core Competencies for Serving Exceptional Experiencers
Anne M. Tyler, MS, LMFT

Discussion Forum

Participate, Converse, Enlighten

Unlock the power of collective intelligence. Our confidential forum is more than just a discussion platform; it’s a dynamic learning hub.

A confidential, HIPAA compliant forum will be available for consultation group members where additional resources will be regularly posted. By participating, you engage in enriching dialogues, exchange perspectives, and build lasting relationships with colleagues, which are often hard to find in this specialty. It’s not just about learning from content, but also from the diverse experiences and insights of your peers.

In this evolving field, such a collaborative and ongoing learning environment is invaluable. Embrace the opportunity to be at the forefront of this emerging specialty.

News, Networking, and Collaboration

Stay at the forefront

Gain access to the latest research, innovative strategies, news related to this specialty and updates about ongoing projects.

Summit & Professional Educational Courses Discounts

As a member, you will receive discounts on our weekend seminars and intensive clinical applications courses. Professional educational courses are planned for 2024 (dates TBD).

Referral Network

Expand your network

Members will be listed in our directory as providers for experiencers seeking guidance.

Why Charge Fees?

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and expansive community. To ensure ongoing participation and accessibility, we’ve intentionally kept our membership fees modest, covering the necessary expenses for platform maintenance while providing quality educational opportunities.

Every aspect of the E³ Initiative, from website management to event planning is overseen by a group of volunteers who are dedicated to our mission. This endeavor is a testament to our commitment to a collaborative effort to provide these crucial services.

Membership Options

Membership TypeMonthly FeeBenefits
Standard Membership$15.00Monthly Consultation/Educational Group
Access to Private Discussion Forum
Referral Network Listing
News & Networking Opportunities
Exclusive Discounts on E³ Initiative Education
CEU Membership$25.00All Standard Membership Benefits
PLUS – CEU Documentation

Why Choose Our Membership?

Cost-Effective Learning

An annual subscription to our CEU Membership costs significantly less than one traditional training course. Consider this: securing 20 CEUs from standard training sessions typically costs $500 or significantly more. With the E³ Initiative, not only do you have the opportunity to gain the same amount of CEUs at a fraction of the price, but you also have access to a plethora of additional benefits over the course of the year.

Collaborative and Continuous Learning

Traditional professional education ends once the conference is over, but we believe in continuous learning. Our model fosters ongoing growth by providing members with regular meetings, news updates, monthly educational opportunities and consultation, and continuing educational intensives with an active community for collaboration.

Beyond the monetary savings, the E³ Initiative offers an unmatched advantage: community. The chance to engage, share, and learn from peers over time. As opposed to one-off seminars, our recurring meetings and forum ensure continuous professional development and support.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The E³ Initiative isn’t just about earning CEUs. It’s about pioneering the future of professional development in the field of mental health and well-being for exceptional experiencers which is undergoing rapid change and the news and resources are often hard to find.

Be at the vanguard of this specialty with others seeking to provide innovative services that are in high demand. Join a rare network of colleagues who believe in progressive learning and collaboration to better serve exceptional experiencers.

Invest in your future and contribute to the development of this unique clinical specialty with the E³ Initiative. Our education, consultation and collaboration model ensure you receive unparalleled value, both professionally and financially.