Kim Burkland-Ward, LICSW

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Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapy is a transformative approach that can be especially effective for individuals experiencing trauma related to anomalous phenomena. This modality respects the complexity of your experiences, providing a safe space to explore and integrate these parts of your psyche. As a compassionate and skilled psychotherapist with certifications in IFS, Gentle Reprocessing, full training in EMDR, and additional training in Couples Therapy, I am committed to helping you navigate challenges like trauma, toxic relationships, depression, anxiety, and self-worth issues. My approach is non-pathologizing, focusing on understanding and transforming negative thinking and behavior patterns through a comprehensive and evidence-based treatment strategy. To learn more about me please visit:

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I work with exceptional experiences because I recognize that anomalous phenomena are more frequent and widespread than commonly acknowledged. While the value of science and empirical evidence is important, the most significant aspect is the impact of these experiences on an individual's perception and integration into their psyche, rather than their measurability by scientific methods. My personal journey, including working with altered states of consciousness, doing medium readings, having psychic precognition, and encounters with orbs, experiencing Sound Healing, and reading the Akashic Records has deepened my belief in the profound capabilities of the mind and human spirit, guiding my practice to embrace and explore these extraordinary experiences.

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I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Michigan specializing in compassionate and non-pathologizing psychotherapy with adults ages 18+ for the past 13 years. I help people stuck in negative patterns of thinking and behaviors that cause them depression and anxiety. I help people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and create a safe space to empower them to make profound and transformational changes in thinking patterns. While I had a previous corporate career and consulting, for the last 13 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have helped people heal from trauma, toxic relationships, emotional abuse and neglect, depression, anxiety, worry, negative thinking, and low self-worth.

My clients say I'm warm, supportive, and have made positive changes in their life and found solutions to tough problems through working with me. I have also served on the Adjunct Faculty at Rivier University Department of Social Work. I have over 20 years experience of providing training and consulting in communications, learning & organizational development for large corporations, municipalities, and health care facilities. I have been an HR Learning and Communications Consultant to major corporations in the Boston area. I have produced and taught hundreds of workshops and facilitated team building sessions highly praised by participants. I graduated with a Master of Arts in Communication from Syracuse University and a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Boston University.

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