Informational Meeting – 10-14-2023

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Viewing this Page

This page is a private page on the E³ Initiative website that you have been given access to for personal viewing. Please do not share this link with others.

If you know of other mental health professionals who might be interested in the E³ Initiative opportunities, please feel free to share our public website

And, you can also share Anne’s email for them to contact her directly. Anne can share this private link with those who are eligible for membership.

CEU Pre-approval

For those who want to submit for pre-approval of the professional education/consultation group in November, there is a description you can print below.

Beginning in November 2023

If you have submitted a membership application and received acceptance (everyone in attendance is eligible), you will be invited to join the Member Forum beginning November 1, 2023. And, you will receive updates on resources, meetings, professional education/consultation and events. The forum is a great way to get to know each other!

We will continue to announce confirmation of more Advisory Board Members and opportunities for Members to participate in special topic committees.

There will be no fees to become a member in the months of November and December to be involved in the forum or the professional education/consultation groups. But membership applications are required in order to sign the confidentiality agreement.

Please join us! We need all of your voices and contributions to create this special place for us to collaborate on ways to support ourselves, each other and exceptional experiencers.


Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, E³ Advisory Board Member

Kean, Leslie, E³ Advisory Board Member

Strieber, Whitley, E³ Advisory Board Member

Other References

Projects by Members

  • David Mitchell, PhD, E³ Leadership Team Member, published a chapter in this book about unique insights about Sasquatch/Bigfoot experiences. Paranormal Ruptures, ed. Jake Glazier. PhD 
  • Lisa Semmler, E³ Member, is conducting dissertation research through the California Institute for Integral Studies about the development of psi abilities after Extraterrestrial contact events– call for participants. Contact Anne Tyler to receive information.

Description for CEU submission